LAUNCH: AudioKinetic (2013)

ANTAEUS DANCE & AKROS PERCUSSION COLLECTIVE present four new dance premieres in performance with six avant-garde music masterpieces

Friday, June 14, 2013 at 7:00pm

Westfield Insurance Studio Theatre in the Idea Center at PlayhouseSquare

FREE PERFORMANCE, OPEN SEATING: If you wish to make reservations please contact Antaeus Dance at (216)486-2874 /

AudioKinetic is made possible in part by the Launch artist residency program at PlayhouseSquare


Thursday June 6: Brown bag preview at Cleveland Public Library, Main Branch

Monday, June 10: Feature spot on AROUND NOON with Dee Perry

Friday, June 14: Preview article in The Plain Dealer by Dance Critic Don Rosenberg

Antaeus Dance in Frost Heave from AudioKinetic Photo by Sherri Mills

Frost Heave from AudioKinetic
Photo by Sherri Mills

Antaeus Dance and Akros Percussion Collective celebrate the dynamic intersection of live music and dance with AudioKinetic.  This performance combines four exciting dance premieres with six rarely-heard avant-garde music masterpieces.  Dancers and musicians share the stage in an engaging performance that highlights the movement of music-making and the musicality of the body in motion.    MOVE BEYOND! the traditional music/dance concert and into the realm of sharp rhythms, driving tempos and experimental sound!  Co-directed by Joan Meggitt and Akros member Bill Sallak, AudioKinetic is an exciting opportunity for music and dance audiences alike.

Musik im Bauch from AudioKinetic Photo by Frank Prpic

Musik im Bauch from AudioKinetic
Photo by Frank Prpic

AudioKinetic intersperses performances by Akros Percussion Collective with premiere dances performed by Antaeus Dance in conjunction with Akros’ repertory. Most notably, Akros members Gustavo Aguilar, Matt Dudack, Kevin Lewis, Jeff Neitzke and Bill Sallak will perform Karlheinz Stockhausen’s groundbreaking 1975 work Musik im Bauch (Music in the Belly), a musico-theatrical piece inspired by one of Stockhausen’s vivid and fantastical dreams. Akros is the only group in the United States that possesses the specialized equipment needed for the work, so this performance presents an extremely rare opportunity to Cleveland audiences.   Dudack, Neitzke and Sallak will also perform Music de Tables, or Table Music, by Theirry de May.  This engaging performance highlights the movement of music-making, focusing solely on the hands of the musicians as they tap, slide, flick, and bang their hands on three small tables.

Best known for her evening-length danceworks performed in lush environments, Meggitt has created four concise dances that match the driving tempos and challenging rhythms of works by Javier Alvarez, John Cage, and John Luther Adams.    Meggitt pairs a quartet of mostly supine dancers – Heather Koniz, Mills, Shannon Sefcik and Virostko – with Javier Alvarez’s Temazcal, which features an electroacoustic score and a lone musician with a pair of maracas.  The unusual sonic combination is well met by the quirky movements of the dancers.  Meggitt matches John Cage’s Second Construction with a duet entitled when light feet power the moment.  Koniz and Virostko are propelled through space in a non-stop celebration of rhythm and form.  Idiorrhythmic, a solo for Mills paired with music by Stuart Saunders Smith evokes a contemplative ritual, with the dancer weaving in and out of the musicians.  The evening closes with Drums of Winter from John Luther Adams’ “Earth and the Great Weather.” The feverishly intense music is met in equal fashion by Antaeus Dancers Desmond Davis, Koniz, Sefcik and Virostko, all of whom throw themselves through space and promise to leave the audience exhilarated.

AudioKinetic: Antaeus Dance & Akros Percussion Collective